Tara : Past

Let me tell you the tale of Tara

Bubbly, energetic, with a spirit ever so free,

Laugh like a babbling brook

And a smile as wide as you’d ever see.

One day strolling through the bush

Skipping along, gay as one could be

She was deceived by a mob of suits

Who took advantage of her naivety.

The ghouls sent her down a coal mine,

Air so thick with dust she could hardly see.

Trapped in the grim haze from dawn to dusk,

Captors muttering about prosperity;

They worked her harder every day,

Sent her harvest away across the sea.


Tara struggled and fought with all she had.

Kicked out, cried out, tried to flee;

But the bastards kept her locked in a cage

As she snarled and yearned to be free.

I’d never seen an anger so bright,

More animal than woman was she.

The fools and their mine, both were washed away

As her justice swept in like a tempestuous sea.


Now pockmarked and scarred,

Her speech is terse, a croaking wheeze;

Tara was exploited and abandoned,

But she’s still beautiful to me.


This is the first in a trilogy. Next is Tara : Present.