Our Society Has Banished the Human Spirit

I posit that the structures of our society act to alienate ourselves from our very human spirit, our essence as human beings. From the dawn of humanity, our core spirit has driven us to craft, to create, to physical exertion, to commune with both nature and our fellows, to find security and seek a higher purpose. The society which we have built has driven us away from all these values, to become a pure Homo economicus which goes against our human spirit and nature. In pursuit of efficiency, we have lost our souls.

Superheroes and the God Emperor – A Cry For Salvation

Superheroes are enjoying an extended renaissance in popular culture. Five of the top 20 grossing films of all time have been superhero movies released within the past five years. At the same time, populist politicians have garnered their own fandoms with promises of strong action and simple solutions. Donald Trump is the God Emperor. Jeremy Corbyn is The Absolute Boy. I posit that these two trends are linked as a societal cry for someone who can fix the world by their power alone.

What If Inaction On Climate Change Is Deliberate?

Climate change is indeed the defining issue of our times. But the Rudd government could not pass an emissions trading scheme, leaving its biggest environmental achievements the establishment of a paltry Renewable Energy Target and some meager R&D funding. Carbon emissions continue to grow despite the effects being felt. Rhetoric is plentiful, but actual action on climate change has been terribly limited. We know the problem, but our response as a species seems to be to just hope it goes away. The typical consensus is that the power of fossil fuel interests, intergovernmental squabbling and short-termism are driving this inaction. Ockham’s razor suggests this is the most likely cause. However, I’d like to examine an alternative hypothesis – what if the rich and powerful see climate change as real, but as a positive for their own economic interests?