An Indefinate Hiatus

This blog is no longer being maintained. Entries since I started working somewhere in the bureaucracy have been hidden from public view.

With a federal election in the air and the area I’m working in reaching greater public consciousness, I’ve decided that its no longer appropriate to post on the sort of subjects which interest me in a location indelibly linked to my unique identifier. I haven’t got a tap on the shoulder or anything like that – this is self-censorship to avoid any problems down the road.

For all that my organisation has its problems, there is the hope of achieving some incremental gains. I’d hate to put those at risk because some lobbyist was able to plug my name into Google and go full McCarthy. I don’t want Recreational Aviation Australia decrying CASA as the Communist, Anarchist and Socialist Association, or whatever would be appropriate for whereever it is I work.

The pieces that remain here reflect merely my opinions (and not anyone elses) at the time of writing. Maybe they’re still the same, maybe they’ve changed since. Who could tell?

The website will remain because:

  1. My email addresses are here.
  2. This is a hiatus, not a closing. If I move somewhere where this risk no longer applies, or a government take office that is willing to stand up for the rights of all citizens to free political communication, then I’ll happily reopen the blog.
  3. I reckon there are some good pieces here. Feel free to browse the archives.

2 Replies to “An Indefinate Hiatus”

  1. is there anyway to interact with you in regards to apps produced by sipols software

    1. Sipols Software is no longer a going concern, and the apps are no longer available. For similar reasons to those in the post above (ie conflicts of interest or the perception thereof), they will remain unavailable. Given this, I’m not really sure what there could be to talk about 5 months after they were shut down.

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